BJPs Rise to Power Has Undone the Gains of the Bahujan Mobilisation

There was a time when the power structure had gravitated towards the Bahujans in the aftermath of the Mandal movement. However, after the ascension of the right-wing BJP, the hard-earned gains made by the bahujans is slowly but surely getting undone by the Sangh Parivar cronies in the BJP.


Trolls and Rihanna on Twitter

One tweet from the international pop star Rihanna is all it took to make the andh bhakts aka the Indian troll army on Twitter to see red. How dare a ‘foreigner’, and that too black, support the ongoing farmers protest?

And lo and behold, the trolls hurled the choicest of…

That Narendra Modi prides on possessing a 56-inch chest is folklore now. But does possessing a 56-inch chest mean hatred towards fellow countrymen, especially, the minorities or does it mean having a thick skin where you can take criticism in your stride?

Unfortunately, for Modi and his army of bhakts…

The moolnivasi or the indigenous people of India comprise the Dalits or scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes, and the other backward castes. These three categories make up more than 70 percent of India’s population. …


I write about issues that affect the downtrodden, marginalized and common citizens of the Indian society.

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